Integrate Token as part of CBridge Transfer Fees

Good day Celer friends,

by now Celer CBridge had achieved mass adaption, has lots of partners and ‘addicted’ users. Top quality and secure project.

Unfortunately feel that Token has not evolved as much and the balance between token and project is not there…

We know Celer Transfer Fees are amongst the lowest in the industry. This in my eyes means there must be room to integrate the Token as (perhaps optional) part of the Transfer Fees.

I truly believe it will create a stronger connection between Token and Project, give sustainability, create market attraction and will show the Market Celer is stepping up its game to become an adult among crypto.

I herewith kindly want to put in a request and hope Team will consider if you guys our community feels the same way.

Off course integration can be bended in many ways so open for all feedback.

Lets pump some Life into Celer Token and take the it next level.

Greatings Den Rand (Celersexual)


I vote yes… and this must be done as a priority


I vote yes too !
Now that Celr is listed on most exchanges, It’s very easy for anybody to buy celr.
Integrating the token into transfer fees is the next step.
Time for celr team to step up their game


I vote Yes, it’s very important Celer Network applies this for the growth and more influence of the network in the crypto and block chain industry.


I have moved this post in the right category and added the right tag.

This is not the first time this is being discussed on this forum and in previous ama’s. Would be interesting to see some reasoning with more info on this proposal. This post has some interesting questions and would love to hear from you guys on how you see this dealt with:

Currently it feels more like an opinion without an actual proposal other than simply implement a celr fee reduction. Could you answer the questions on the linked response and enlighten us with how you would see such implementation and its impact/improvement? What are your expectations? This would greatly help in moving forward in this discussion.

Please also add the possibility to vote as that’s missing. This would help to see where people stand. You can edit your post and add the yes/no vote. (can find it under the cogwheel then build poll if I remember correctly)


Its not an opinion but a matter of involving and connecting token a bit more, creating martlet attraction, publicity etc etc the Market beyond your Team and Validitors is losing attention. In general discussing Celer you will encouter the same comments top project but token bass on current usercase does not seem interesting enough. If the bad vibe takes the overhand it might reflect negatively on your project as well.

token can for example represent a discount on transfer fee in percentages this off course including limits for huge amounts.

Im certain there will be a nice way to allow the Token in your process without harming anything. As mentioned by now CBridge is widely adapted. Other swaps have token use as well…

Thanks to considering and plse note that humans went to the Moon and back so for this we can surely find a way that makes us all happy.



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I vote yes!! This would make alot of early investers and long term holders happy!


YES. If Celer Network executes its vision and develops a stronger use case, it will have a substantial impact on its long-term value.


I vote yes. As an early investor, and having a good sized bag, I have been loyal to the team and their vision, but i’m slowly losing faith. I am seeing new coins I have been recently investing in that have similar ideas and technology that have already surpassed Celer in market cap in less time, and I’m seeing higher profits on my end with them which keeps me happy. I’m not giving up on Celer yet, but anything’s possible.


I think holding a certain (10.000 Celer token ~ 185$) amount of celer in wallets while bridging would be useful to grant the lowest fees in bridging. But I am not sure this confirmation can be received from a wallet without touching the tokens technologically possible or not?


The outcome can be read that’s better then simple yes or no people can motivate comment and vote their response

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“Pay with $CELR” option should be available while bridging.

Lets say, If one intends to transfer ADA (100K) between BNB to POLYGON chain:

  • Bridge would sell portion of ADA (say 100 ADA) at market rate.
  • Bridge would then buy CELR with these USDT’s at market price.
  • Bridge would then transfer these purchased CELR’s to FEE POOL and then distribute to stakers at any given time.

This way CELR’s price and volume will increase and rewards to Stakers wont be affected at all.

We can discuss more on this. Cheers :slight_smile:


I vote yes. I am among those who invested last year at the peak of market, with quit an amount of celer, I believe the team and their vision of what the intend to achieve, but they kept on changing things. Like layer 2 finance stuff, that was the reason I invested. I am a bit not believing them agans. Please make celer default coin for payment. Thank you


The best thing you can do for us to be more happy and stay loyal and connected to Celer Network for life is to empower CELR Token, make it the transaction fee for CBridge and Celer IM as soon as possible.

I speak the mind of many Celer fans

Thanks a lot.


Hi Guys,

long term Holder and Celer supporter here also.
Been thinking about this for quite some time now as this has been a though one for me But : I Vote Yes as well.

Richt now im also convinced that in current State of development and with this amount of partners, users it wont effect usage which for is main thing. After all this time monitoring have to agree that in current state token future is very / too fragile for this agressive market.


I vote yes to Celer Network making CELR the token for all fees related to the Middleware projects. CELR can be the best crypto project out there, and the most important.

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I don’t agree a) the initial investments and trust put in Celer which obviously helped to climb the ladder and put project in her current position won’t be forgotten. b) I’m sure lack of market interested has been noticed and more active token is considered.

Team surely understands both a and b might bite back hard on the project as a whole. lot has experienced has been gained over the last years. You will see expertised way of token integration sooner or later is what my Guts are telling me mate.

  • Integrate Token as part of transfer Fees ?

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Dear Team,

just suggestion…noticed not many members of the Celer community are using this forum or even look at it.

Would it be possible for you to create a poll on Celer Twitter account with this proposal, which has many followers and probably will give a better and fair reflection ?

Tx Den Rand


IMO, the effect of this proposal, at its current form, will be detrimental to the adoption of the project.
All the major bridges don’t require users to go out of their way to purchase specific bridge service token to use their bridges, if Celer implement this requirement, it’ll discourage users or developers from using it.

‘Mass adoption’ is a very subjective term without quantifying what constitutes mass adoption. By any reasonable measure, neither Celer cBridge nor Celer IM is anywhere near ‘mass adoption’.

There are many different bridges, including those ‘official’ one-to-one bridges.
For multichain bridges, cBridge is still very much smaller than, say Multichain.
And the vast amount of bridging volume are still on the official bridges - i.e., Optimism, Polygon Bridge, Arbitrum One, etc… albeit the fact that they are slow and only support 1:1 chain.

None of the big volume bridging providers mentioned above require users to purchase tokens in order to use their bridges. As a user, if I want to bridge asset from one chain to another, I want it to be as seamless as possible.

Crosschain usage that Celer IM is targeting is still at an infancy stage - so it is unlikely that we will see significant increase of market share or volume in the near future until Celer IM is widely integrated with other projects.

Celer should concentrate and spend the effort to continue in expanding partnerships and innovate on any other potential use cases that SGN can provide in a multichain space, rather than worry about implementing any charging usage with CELR tokens.

There have been a lot of talk on utility, however the utility is there already and has been discussed many times. And no doubt, there’ll be new form of utility in the future because Celer will need to keep enticing community to stake and keep the network secure.
But right now, I hope the team is all about focusing on building products and partnerships.

For token value discussion, a more simplistic view is this - CELR token is needed to secure the network in SGN, the incentive mechanism is to work out how to attract people to stake (i.e., hold it there long term and in steady state).
So really, from the project’s perspective, the problem to solve is about how much value can people generate out of staked CELR tokens to make it attractive, rather than how much value people can sell CELR to make profit.