Integrate ETH into cBridge

Integrate ETH into cBridge


Integrate ETH (not just WETH) into cBridge.


As everyone knows, Layer 2 season has kicked into full gear, with bridge activity growing exponentially. cBridge will be a big a beneficiary of this, as long as it remains competitive.

Now, one of our bigger competitors, Hop, is integrating ETH in their next patch:

Source: Hop’s public Discord #general channel.

cBridge has just integrated WETH, but it’s not the same. E.g., many users wishing to jump into Arbitrum for the first time are sending WETH via cBridge, only to find they can’t use wrapped ETH as gas when their funds arrive. Many have enquired about this on our Telegram and Discord servers, as well as the Discord server on Arbitrum.


Please add a way for users to send WETH and have it arrive as ETH on chains where ETH is used as gas.
Example: Send WETH from Polygon → arrive as ETH on Arbitrum.


  • Yes, make this feature available
  • Perhaps, but prioritise other things for now (please comment)
  • No, don’t make this feature available

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Please see the new, and I believe better, proposal: cBridge: Add “Gas on arrival” feature

Update: The trouble is not the ability to send ETH as gas. It’s just having a bit of gas on the destination chain, which applies to all destination chains. Once a user has a bit of gas, they can unwrap their WETH or trade their stablecoins for some gas on the destination chain.