Select specific token to claim fees in SGN

Select specific tokens to claim fees in reward page of SGN


At the moment we can only claim all the fees in our rewards page. I would like to have a choice so I can decide which ones I want to claim. This way I can let certain tokens stay, for example eth and only claim tokens I want to sell right away.


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Witch this feature it will lower my cost whenever I transfer claimed fees.


Add checkboxes next to every token.


  • Implement feature
  • Keep current all or nothing claim

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Why would this be advantageous vs letting the eth that you don’t want to sell remain in your wallet? Wouldn’t it be arguably better to have your assets in your own custody?

Hey Menno,

Thanks for reaching out here! I’ve forwarded your response.
I would like to validate I got your proposal correctly and explain/show how it’s done now.

Currently, when you aggregate/withdraw, you’ll be seeing the following screen:

This would mean, you’ll be aggregating and claiming/withdrawing that single token, on the selected chain (Let’s say IMX from BNB, ETH withdrawn to ETH). So there is, as far as I know, no ‘claim all’ functionality.

This would actually possibly cause interesting solutions, as not all tokens are available on every chain (there are of course ways to only select the ones on a chain basis).
But this would mean, you can withdraw the tokens you want, on the chain you want. While you leave the tokens you do not want, be as they are.

In your proposal, however, you would want a way to select the tokens (when available on the selected chain) and withdraw the multiple, selected ones. Instead of just a single token per transaction, correct?

Best regards,

Hey jens,

Yes your assumption is correct. I want to prevent a single transactions.

This is currently happening though, right? The transactions are on a ‘per token’ withdrawal at this moment. In your case you could aggregate/withdraw any other token than ETH. I might be misunderstanding.

The idea of selecting all the ones you’d like to aggregate would be a cool addition though. But I think in your explanation maybe the wording ‘Claim & Aggregate’ on the bottom of the page could be improved, where it means claim & aggregate a single token on all chains to 1 and withdraw. Not claim all tokens & withdraw all tokens.

I’ll send you a DM on Telegram to make sure we’re getting this right :wink: