GetTransferStatus bug: dst_block_tx_link is empty while status == 5


Here’s the response from GetTransferStatus for transferId 32CE6AB0A6B7066C2FF3C369D2A6881B07E14F90D345B8995B4623AA22C018F5:

  "err": null,
  "status": 5,
  "wd_onchain": null,
  "sorted_sigs": [],
  "signers": [],
  "powers": [],
  "refund_reason": 2,
  "block_delay": 20,
  "src_block_tx_link": "",
  "dst_block_tx_link": ""

Seems like a bug in your end.

Can we expect a quick fix?

Updated: dst_block_tx_link has finally been updated in the response. Should we expect this bug fixed or should we work around it in our code?