Discussion: Snapshot vote counting should include staking contract

Celer Team,

This is not CIP regarding strategy improvment, so I am not sure if I should name this as CIP.

I am starting a discussion thread regarding the token voting for CIP proposals. Right now, I checked your Snapshot page, Snapshot. It is using token snapshot-based voting.

I think this is a good step to get things out of the door. However, this voting procedure has a major drawback: it does not account for staking in the SGN contract.

Please change this snapshot token vote counting mechanism so that CELR locked in SGN is counted towards votes. After all, we are stakers are actually securing the entire L2 system. I strongly believe our tokens while locked in SGN staking and helping the network liveness, should be counted as well.

I looked at the staking contract and I can build this with a small compensation, please feel free to reach out to me in the DM.

Please consider ASAP. Let’s get the second vote considering all staking users.