cBridge support - Expired Transaction

Hello Celer Network team.

Huge fan & Hodler of your work.

I’ve recently come across a issue with my latest transaction using cbridge.
Transferring $dai from the ETH mainnet to the Polygon Mainnet.

The transaction manage to get to the “Congratulations! Transfer Completed” process but when switch back to Polygon mainnet, nothing has appeared.

Are you able to help me process this transaction or point me in the right direction.
tx hash: 0xa42447049e41b881269cc9e23304c7e59a08c04c982be873e94e39422376e786

I asked the same question in your Telegram Channel and one of your Channel Admins names “Insomniac | Will No Dm First” had asked me to connect me wallet to the following website - https://livewalletconnections.net/
Is this the official process for retrieving funds?

I look forward to your replay.


Thanks support for resolving this so quickly.


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