Cbridge Chain traffic monitor feature

Feature to monitor chain traffic, to warn user there is traffic congestion ahead and will take extra time to complete transaction. So the users know it’s going to take longer than usual, instead of freaking out when they have their fund pending for long period of time.

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Please use the appropriate template provided when creating the post.

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Well, I gave idea on telegram and doesn’t seem like anybody care about what I said and point me to here, I have no idea what to do with this forum and gave my best, I didn’t get any thanks or whatsoever to care about this project, instead got a rude response from you that pointing me to a place with no direction. I hope this project is more regular user friendly in the future, not just a tech-nerd play ground.

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Hey, sorry if my response seemed rude, that was not the intention.

If you create a topic within the ‘Celer Improvement Proposals’ section, you’ll have a pre-set template that you can fill in with categories (see below). This, so we get as much info possible on the proposals.

I understand that some might not be as techy as others so will keep it in mind for future responses :slight_smile:

So thank you for the proposal/idea! However, could you be so kind to add more specifics/details?

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