Arbitrum Airdrop Allocation

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Arbitrum Airdrop Allocation


Discussion on how to utilize $ARB tokens received from the upcoming Arbitrum airdrop.


Celer will be receiving an airdrop amounting to 0.9m $ARB tokens from the upcoming Arbitrum airdrop. The received tokens from the airdrop will be transferred to Celer DAO’s Arbitrum multisig wallet at 0x9038801E0414A3e487CbAf7Df9735e378EF7001f.


The Celer team has put it to the community on how to utilize the tokens received from the airdrop. This topic is to facilitate the discussion amongst the community on what the tokens can be utilized for and how they should be utilized.


This topic is purely for discussion purposes only for the team to hear the different opinions from our community members.


1- Use this allocated share to pay SGN rewards and liquidity providers in CBRIDGE so that $Celr has less inflation.

2- Work on product security using this budget.

3- Produce new products and make the $Celr currency more useful (Don’t be happy with the current amount)

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Question on the 0.9m. Was this based on the $ARB price prior to the airdrop or after? Reason being, we could be talking about an 80%+ reduction in funds if the total value was calculated before hand, thus substantially limiting options.

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airdrop for user using cbridge bridge to arbitrum or arbitrum to other network

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It’s number of tokens, not $ value

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