Add Harmony Chain to Celr Bridge

Request to add Harmony Chain to Celr Bridge


  • EVM Compatible
  • 7th highest TVL increase (+23%) in the past 7 days across all chains
  • $106m to $128m TVL increase in past 30 days (+20%)
  • $71m to $128m TVL increase in past 60 days (+80%)
  • $18m to $128m TVL increase in past 90 days (+711%)
  • AAVE proposal approved Snapshot
  • Curve proposal approved Snapshot
  • $81m TVL on native Harmony ETH/BSC bridge
  • 100+ active apps, 135k active wallets and over 120 million mainnet transactions
  • 2 second finality and cheapest fees of any competing L1/L2 chain


  • Yes
  • No

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Thank you for sharing this, especially the Aave and Curve snapshots. I say yes, let’s get on the ONE train.

In terms of prioritisation, I bet the team is looking at the v2.0 upgrade first, and actually I think that may be wiser. Once liquidity support is added, we’ll be able to support an order of magnitude higher volume and tokens, which I think should be priority.

Beyond that, I think we should also move in on Moonriver, Celo, and non-EVM chains like Solana, Terra and Cardano :blush:


Also - can we please ask that any bridged tokens on the Harmony side utilise the existing “1” contracts.

Other third party bridges have failed to do this (ie. Anyswap) which results in tokens on the Harmony side with no liquidity.


Yeah, we absolutely need a bridge to Harmony which can provide 1Assets (ETH-bridged token) on Harmony regardless of the origin network. The official harmony bridge is only useful if we bridge assets from ETH (which has an insane fee). bscAssets (BSC-bridged token) have low liquidity in Harmony and results in high slippage.

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Token for gaming like Mana, Chr, Axs,….