Add Cross-reference Between Celer Products

Add Cross-reference Between Celer Products


Add cross-references/links in each of the product pages (cBridge, CelerX, SGN, Layer2.Finance), to let users easily navigate between Celer’s products.


Celer currently has CelerX, cBridge, Layer2.Finance and SGN product sites. However, in their respective websites they don’t link to each other. Users who use each of these apps might not know about the existence of other apps.

For example, people who only know or use cBridge would not know much about Layer2.Finance, CelerX or even SGN, as there is nothing on cBridge page that provide that visibiity. Given that cBridge is gaining adoption and momentum on the market, Celer can use this opportunitty to put links/references in cBridge page to encourage users to easily navigate to Layer2.Finance, CelerX, and even SGN itself - and vice versa.


To drive further awareness and adoption across Celer’s products easily using the synergy between existing product pages.


The proposal is for the team to add the links and references on each product’s page to let user easily navigate between different products.

This will provide ease of navigation, as well as to drive visibility, bring awareness and synergy of Celer’s products to users using any particular product to the other products in the ecosystem.


  • Yes, add the proposed feature
  • No, the pages are fine as they are now

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